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Education on the Playground

Classroom learning extends beyond a physical room into nature. By designing a playground to meet those needs, schools can reach children more effectively.

Learning through Play

One of the largest beliefs in elementary and preschool learning is that children use play to learn. Maria Montessori is perhaps one of the most famous with Reggio Emilia and Rudolf Steiner (the father of the Waldorf method) being the second most common names of proponents for education through play. While they all had distinctly different methods, they all centered around the concept of the natural learning process.

Outdoor Classrooms and Natural Playgrounds

In recent years, there has been a resurgence towards learning outside. There are a number of educationally geared playgrounds that have appeared not just in the USA, but also in a number of other countries. Some areas have taken it beyond an outdoor classroom to a direct nature playground. Forest kindergartens in Switzerland are perhaps one of the most famous examples. However, it is not necessary to go run into the woods to start a more natural classroom at your school.

Education on the Playground

Playground Outfitters recognizes the need for education through play, whether on the playground or a more structured outdoor classroom, and offers the products to help design such a place. We offer easels, sandboxes, nature bowls and more. Some pieces are already integrated into a larger structure, where others can be purchased in small orders. Most programs slowly try something new, which is why we offer a variety of products to meet your students and teachers at the level they need.

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