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Getting Started

Congratulations! You’ve been entrusted with the exciting task of planning for a new commercial playground. If this is your first time, you’re probably scratching your head about now and wondering “Okay, so where do I start?” You’re in the right place!

We’ve put together a few basics to help you get started. Should you have questions, give us a call at (888) 342-8228 and one of our commercial playground specialists will be happy to assist you.

Education & Research

Researching the companies you’re interested in working with and the equipment you’re considering purchasing is an important first step in the playground planning process. The company you choose should be well versed in all aspects of the commercial playground industry and focused on designing a play area that meets your unique needs and while staying within your budget. They should also be happy to discuss the various safety certification requirements and answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

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Budgeting & Planning

Once you’ve selected your playground equipment supplier, it’s time to move on to some serious planning! You’ll want to consider budget, available space, surfacing, and the needs of the individuals who will be using the equipment. Let’s break it down a little more:

Budgeting for a Commercial Playground

What is your budget?

This is often the biggest question our customers have. Here’s a breakdown of the costs you’ll need to consider, in addition to the cost of your structure(s):
Sales Tax: If you live outside Indiana, you will not be charged sales tax. Customers within the state of Indiana will be charged 7% sales tax.
Shipping: The cost for shipping is calculated based on product weight and delivery location. This will be included in your final quote.
Installation: The cost of installation will depend on the amount and complexity of the structures you choose, and rates vary by company.
Surfacing: Safety surfacing is another important consideration when planning your budget since it is critical to protecting little ones from serious injury as a result from falling. The cost of surfacing will depend on the type of material you choose and total square footage to be covered.

How to Budget for a New Playground

What is your available space?

Each piece of playground equipment has a designated “use zone”, which is the minimum area of free space around the structure that is required for it to be enjoyed and used safely, and meet CPSC and ASTM standards. Knowing the approximate square footage of your available space will help you determine which playset and accessories are right for you. Use zone information included on each of our products to help with the planning process.

What are the ages of the children who will be using the equipment?

Our playground equipment is designed to accommodate a wide range of ages and abilities, from 6 months, up through adult ages. Playground structures are typically designed for four primary age groups:

Playsets for the daycare and preschool age groups are generally slightly smaller and have lower deck heights. Sets designed for older children, ages 5-12, are larger with taller deck heights and introduce more complex play elements.  The 2-12 age group is usually used to cover the widest age group.  Appeasements are made so that the playground will cover such a wide range of children.

How many children will be using the equipment at any given time?

Each piece of playground equipment also has a child capacity, which is the maximum number of children that can safely play on a structure at a time. Exceeding this number is not recommended. This number is noted on each product page and is an important consideration during your planning process. Higher traffic areas require a higher capacity playground.

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Do you need wheelchair accessible playground equipment?

We can provide that too! It’s important to make sure no one feels left out, so at Playground Outfitters you’ll find many playground structures that are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. We also have playground systems, merry-go-rounds, and swings specifically designed for inclusive play for guests with wheelchairs.

Your guests deserve to get the most out of play time, so if you have any questions about use zone, child capacity, age appropriate play, or ADA compatibility, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 342-8228.

Building Your New Playground

This is the fun part! Now that you know your budget, available space, and other requirements, you can begin putting together your ideal playground. First, you’ll select your main playset, then add swings, spring riders, and any other independent play structures, before completing the area with site amenities like benches and picnic tables.  And remember to check out our numerous safety surfacing options as well, since that will play a vital role in keeping your guests safe. Working on a fitness trail project? Check out our variety of high-quality outdoor fitness equipment. When you’ve made your choices, just add them to your quote cart and provide us with a few quick details so we can get you a custom quote in as little as 24 hours*. It’s that simple!

Daycare Playground

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Once your order is placed, your equipment will arrive in as little as 1-2 weeks, if you chosen any of our Quick Ship items, or 6-8 weeks if you’ve selected our standard lead time items. If you choose to pay by business check, your equipment will ship once the check has been received and cleared. Depending on the size of the playset and additional free standing structures you’ve chosen, installation will take an average of 1-5 days from start to finish. For help finding a local installer, visit our installation section. After your playground is installed, keep it in tip top shape by conducting regular visual inspections and maintenance when necessary. Visit our resources page for more helpful information, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Purchasing a new playground shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor: that’s why we’ve simplified the process. As a nationwide supplier of commercial playground equipment with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Playground Outfitters brings our customers exactly what they need: high quality playground equipment at affordable prices. Call (888) 342-8228 to get started today!

*Quotes provided within 24 hours does not include weekends and holidays and may vary based on manufacturer response times.

Need Help? Call (888) 342-8228 to speak with a playground specialist.