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Obstacle, Parkour and Challenge Courses – The New Playground Trend is Here

Obstacle Course Playgrounds get rid of the costly and expensive platforms of traditional playgrounds.  These deckless designs instead appeal to the Ninja Warrior in all of us! Jump, grab, dash and grab hold to get from one object to the next. Don’t fall or touch the ground, it’s hot lava! These were games that we all played as children and continue to this day.

On these extreme courses, children aged 5 years and up are confronted with obstacles that they must get through one-by-one to advance to the next stage. Additionally, as an added bonus, many adults enjoy these fitness-based playgrounds as well.

Obstacle Course Playgrounds feature obstacles that include rope climbs, boulders, overhead challenge ladders and floating tunnel climbers, just to name a few. These obstacles are uniquely suited to build strength and coordination. Given these points, and it’s rise in popularity largely due to various tv shows and media, it is a trend that is huge right now in playgrounds and is positioned to grow in the future as well.

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