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Playground Swing Sets & Swing Seats

Swings are an integral part of any playground, and no playground is complete without them! They are a classic playground staple that appeals to all ages. And although they may appear to be a simplistic play activity, playground swing sets actually provide a variety of benefits from physical to cognitive and social. Children can play independently or cooperatively as they push one another.

Playground Outfitters offers a variety of high-quality, affordable outdoor swings that are ideal for schools, churches, neighborhoods, daycares, and more. Our swings are available in various models sized right for kids ages 2 to 12. If you have questions about finding the right swing set for your application, give us a call at (888) 342-8228.

What type of swings do I need?

At Playground Outfitters, we have a wide range of swing options from baby and toddler swings to adaptive and wheelchair accessible swings. And of course, we have standard belt swings which are the most popular. Outdoor swing sets are available in multiple designs, including tire, arch post, single post, bipod, and tripod. Multiple bays, seating options, and custom color configurations are also available to match your playground theme. The swings you choose will depend on a combination of factors:

  • Available Space
  • Budget
  • Desired Number of Swings
  • Age of Children
  • Special Accommodations

How much space is needed for swings?

Like all playground equipment, swingsets each have designated use zones. The swings must have adequate space around them for the safety of the children who will be using them. As a general rule, take the height of the swing post, then double it. For example, if the swing post is 8 feet tall, you need to allow a use zone area of 16 feet in all directions from that post to extend out in safety surfacing. This ensures adequate protection for children that may jump or accidentally fall from a swing.

Whether you’re looking to create a whole new playground, add swings to an existing play area, or simply replace some worn hardware, we’ve got you covered. With the variety of swing styles available, choosing the right one may seem like a daunting task, but that’s where we come in! Contact Playground Outfitters at (888) 342-8228 to speak with a playground specialist today and we’ll help you find the right swings to perfectly complement your play area.

Need Help? Call (888) 342-8228 to speak with a playground specialist.