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Indoor Playground Equipment

Who says being “cooped up inside” has to be a bad thing? With an indoor playground from Playground Outfitters, the kids won’t mind staying inside one bit! Perfect for daycares, malls, pediatric dental offices, YMCAs, and more, indoor jungle gyms are always a hit with children. To a child, an indoor playground means a whole new world to explore!

Indoor playgrounds are similar to outdoor playgrounds in a lot of ways, but also have qualities that make them ideal for indoor settings. Because they are not exposed to the elements of nature, indoor playgrounds are able to use materials not found on standard outdoor playground equipment. This includes padding, foam, and netting for a softer play experience.

Benefits of Indoor Play Areas

Indoor playgrounds are great for very young children or children with special needs. Environmental factors such as light and sound can be better controlled in an indoor setting. This makes indoor play areas ideal for youngsters with sensory sensitivities. Indoor jungle gyms are also great for climates that experience extreme weather since they are in a temperature-controlled setting.

Considerations for Your Indoor Playground

Space: One of the initial considerations for your indoor play area will be to determine if the facility has enough space for your desired play area. You will need room for the equipment itself, plus adequate open space around the playground to meet use zone requirements. Not sure if you have enough space for your playground? Give us a call at (888) 342-8228 and a playground expert will be happy to walk you through the process of measuring your space.

Safety Surfacing: Just as you would for an outdoor playground, safety surfacing should be a primary consideration for your indoor play area. Indoor playground surfacing is much the same as outdoor safety. For indoor applications, we recommend a solid surface such as rubber tiles or poured in place rubber. These surfaces are more conducive to indoor settings, are easy to clean, ADA compliant, and require virtually zero-maintenance. Loose-fill surfacing (like wood or rubber mulch) can be a messy headache for indoor play areas and also requires much more frequent maintenance.

Equipment: The type of indoor play equipment you choose will be dictated by a few factors. These include the amount of available space, ages of the children who be using the equipment, and your available budget.

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