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Choosing the Right Merry-Go-Round for Your Playground

Much like swings and spring riders, merry-go-rounds are another classic playground staple. Merry-go-rounds provide a great outlet for energetic youngsters as they run to spin as fast as they can and then hop aboard and try to hold on! They also encourage group and cooperative play as kids work together to keep the merry-go-round in motion.

When choosing a merry-go-round for your play area (great choice, by the way!), you’ll want to consider the number of children it needs to accommodate as well as their ages. It’s important to make sure your play equipment is age-appropriate, and merry-go-rounds are no exception.

Smaller merry-go-rounds are ideal for younger children and daycares. Full-sized merry-go-rounds are a great choice for schools and park since they are designed for older children. Our merry-go-rounds come in sizes ranging from 6’ to 10’ in diameter and are also available in a variety of color options.

We also offer wheelchair accessible merry-go-rounds so that regardless of physical ability, all kids can play together. Including wheelchair accessible playground equipment is a great way to ensure that no one feels left out.

Other Considerations for Your Merry-Go-Round

In addition to choosing the appropriate size and style of merry-go-round, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate space reserved in the play area. Each merry-go-round has a designated use zone to ensure enough free space is left around the equipment for it to be used safely. And like the rest of the playground, this area will also need appropriate safety surfacing.

Like all of our playground equipment, the merry-go-rounds on playgroundoutfitters.com are exceptionally high quality and competitively priced so you never have to wonder if you’re getting the best deal. If you have questions about any of our play equipment or would like to get a project quote, contact us at (888) 342-8228 and a playground expert will be happy to help.

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