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Different Types of Dog Park Equipment

There are lots of different products on the market for dog parks. Most products fall into the categories of site amenities, sanitation equipment, or agility equipment. A well-balanced dog park will have some of each of these items.

Site Amenities

When people think of dog parks, they often think of open spaces with equipment for dogs and trash cans with dog poop bags, but may forget about the human aspect. Owners should always keep an eye on their dog and be ready to intervene. However, providing a spot to sit and garbage cans for things other than dog waste will help make an area more accessible to humans.

Seating (tables and benches)

Providing seating allows people the opportunity to stay out longer with their dog. Older patrons can keep an eye on their animal but also sit when they need to. Dog park benches and tables also provide guests with places to set down items that would otherwise prevent them from interacting with their animals.

Trash Disposal

Anyone that has been around babies or toddlers knows the smell when you lift the lid on a diaper pail. Doggie waste bins can have a similar aroma even when all of the waste is tied up individually. There will inevitably be other waste that is not dog in nature that will need to be thrown out. Providing a place that is free from dog stink is appreciated even by the biggest dog lovers.

Leash Posts

Leashes can be a hazard. When owners are in an off-leash zone, it is safest for everyone to be off leash. Otherwise, dogs might attack each other. By providing a leash post that is a clear place to put them, dogs and owners are given the message and everyone is much safer.

Sanitation Equipment

Cleanliness is important to a dog park. Without proper sanitation, attendees can become sick. Even if they don’t become sick, nobody wants to subject their dog (or themselves) to a dog poop filled area.

Waste Stations

Dogs create waste. It stinks and nobody wants to step in it. It also can be a disease risk for humans and other dogs. Providing waste stations at various points in the design increases the likelihood that people will pick up their animals’ messes. They are even more likely to do so if bags are provided for them.

Grooming and Bathing

Dog parks are outdoor spaces and, as such, are prone to mud. When dogs are playing, they might jump in puddles, roll around in the mud, or just get dirty from other animals playing with them. Adding a bathing tub and grooming area for easy clean up will make dog owners more likely to visit again.

Social Areas

When dogs get to a new area, they often have a need to mark it as their own. Providing a spot that helps dogs to meet one another is an important part of any dog park. Some of these items (like our Misting Fire Hydrant) can also double as cooling pieces of equipment.

Agility Equipment

Oftentimes, when people talk about dog park equipment, they are really talking about agility equipment. Agility equipment can be separated into many different groups. For ease of use, we have separated them into groups based on appearance.

Hoops and Rings

One of the most iconic pieces of agility equipment for dogs are hoops or rings. These can be single hoops or multiple hoops connected together in a shape or pattern. They are typically made from steel. Dogs are expected to jump up and through them.


A variation on the hoop is the tube. The dog goes through this obstacle also, but at a run rather than with a leap. These can be made from a variety of materials, but most often they are made from rotationally molded plastic.


Another jumping obstacle is bars. These resemble horse jumps and are also adjustable. They can be used individually or in a series to create a course of hurdles. They are typically available as powder coat painted steel for extended durability.


Steps possess a special area in agility training. They are freestanding platforms of various heights that typically require pups to do a reaching walk to go up and then back down the arrangement. They are best used in a series rather than as a single step in a greater course. These can be made from recycled plastic or steel.


The walk is a pair of inclines that may or may not have a straight section at the highest point. These are purely balance equipment. They require the dog to go up and down while maintaining their balance. These can be made from a variety of materials from steel to recycled plastic.

Pause Tables

Oftentimes marketed as grooming tables, pause tables are important to any agility course. They are designed to be spots where dogs can gather themselves before moving onto the next part of a course. Beginner pups can be started on the table or it can be used to teach obedience.


Sometimes it can be overwhelming to put together a complete dog course, which is why Playground Outfitters offers a variety of kits. We have kits available based on dog size or space size. Selecting a preset course can take the guesswork out of putting together a course that will be worth the time, money, and effort put into it.


After you’ve got all of your equipment, especially if you’re using agility equipment, be sure to check out our turf and engineered wood fiber to create your completed course.

Putting it All Together

A successful dog playground can be a great addition to any park or public area. If you need help putting together the right one for your community, call Playground Outfitters at (888) 342-8228!

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