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Swing Accessories

Putting together a swing set requires more swing accessories than the average person realizes. The swing frame and swing seats are just two portions of the greater whole. To make a swing work it additionally requires:

Swing Hangers

Swing hangers comes as either flat or circular. The circular style is much more common as it fits around the entire top rail.

Swing pendulums also come in two main styles; standard or shackle. The standard style is a circular piece that requires a connector between the chain and hanger. Shackle style hangers, on the other hand, come equipped with a shackle already on the pendulum part of the hanger. This allows the swing to be directly connected to the hanger without a secondary piece. In either case, the standard and shackle pendulums will eventually wear down and need to be replaced as part of routine maintenance.

Swing Chain

Swing chain supports the seat. Contrary to what most people would assume, the chain experiences less wear than the pendulum on the swing. However, they do become weaker once the outer protective coatings wear off and it begins to rust.

When getting ready to replace your chain, it is best to check the width of the links. Matching the chain size with connectors and hangers is essential.

Swing Connectors

Swing Connectors are what holds everything together. There are three main styles.

  • Swing Clevis: These sport a single bolt that fits at the top of the “u” shape. Clevises require a special key to close. This is also called a D-Shackle or an Anchor Shackle.
  • Double Swing Clevis: Each end being a different size, these are designed to connect larger pieces to smaller ones. They are also used on tire swings. This requires the same key as the Single Clevis. This is commonly referred to as an H-Shackle due to its shape.
  • S Hooks: The least reliable of the swing connectors, S hooks have a distinctive shape that requires a special tool to clamp them shut. Over time, these can begin to open and require regular checks.

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