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Sand Diggers for Playgrounds

At Playground Outfitters, we’re committed to helping our customers by designing playground solutions that meet the needs of the children they serve, all while staying within their budget. Free standing play structures like swings, climbers, and merry-go-rounds are a great way to add value and variety to your play area.

Another popular free standing play structure is a sand digger. Young excavators love spending hours crafting the perfect sand or dirt creations as they are able to actually move the earth with these unique playground structures. Help kids discover their inner engineer with fun and colorful sand diggers!

Traditional sand diggers have a 360 degree swivel seat and two control arms. The controls are simple enough even for young children: one handle moves the arm of the crane and the other handle operates the shovel. It’s that simple. Because the sand diggers have a 360 turning radius, we recommend they be installed in an area that is completely surrounded by sand.

A Playground Sand Digger Engages Creative Young Minds

Sand diggers engage the child’s senses in multiple ways. They learn hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills as they figure out how to maneuver the levers in order to move the sand from point A to point B. Sand boxes also engage children’s tactile senses as they play with the sand and discover new textures. Children can play independently or work as a team to build a whole city of sand structures.

We also have sand diggers that are ADA accessible so guests in wheelchairs can take part in the excavating fun too. These sand diggers have the same control arms, but without the attached swivel seat.

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