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Unique HOA Playground Design Solutions

Unstructured play is a crucial part of childhood development, so it’s important for children to have a safe and engaging place to play. Playground Outfitters specializes in creating unique playground solutions for apartment complexes, Homeowners Associations, and other multi-family neighborhoods. Call (888) 342-8228 to get started with a custom quote.

Your apartment complex or neighborhood is home to families with children of all ages, so it’s important to create a play area that’s well-equipped with a variety of play structures suited for a range of ages. You may want to create a playground with separate areas for older and younger children. Or, if you prefer a singular play area, we have playsets for ages 2-12 that incorporate various levels of age-appropriate play.

We understand that every neighborhood is different and our specialists will design a play area that meets the needs of your residents while staying within your budget. We’ll help you create a playground that encourages imaginative and group play. Plus, our playsets are available in a wide range of color options so you can choose a color combination that perfectly suits your neighborhood.

Independent play structures like slides, climbers, and spring riders are a great way to add value and fun to your play area. And of course, swings are a staple of most playgrounds. We also offer benches, picnic tables, bike racks, and other site amenities to complete your playground.

We’re Committed to Safety and Quality

All of our playground equipment is tested to ensure it meets the stringent safety standards put in place by ASTM, CPSC, and IPEMA. Our play equipment is also extremely durable, able to withstand years of repetitious use, and includes extensive warranties.

Most of our structures are ADA accessible, and some are also wheelchair accessible to ensure everyone can get in on the fun. If you have special requests or concerns about accessibility, please give us a call at (888) 342-8228. We’d also be happy to discuss your options for playground safety surfacing.

Ready to get started planning your apartment playground? Or are you looking for new playground equipment for your school, church, daycare, park, or home? Contact Playground Outfitters to speak with a specialist, and we’ll put together your custom, no-obligation quote.

Need Help? Call (888) 342-8228 to speak with a playground specialist.