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Commercial playground kits and bundles are nice even for those experienced with the public playground process as everything is ready to go! Place one order and you don’t need to think about some of the details that occur when you pick out everything yourself. Each playground kit:

Comes in a kid-approved color palette

Believe it or not, finding the right color palette can be a difficult endeavor. There are often so many options available, that it can be worrisome for the purchaser that they will pick the wrong ones. With our kits we have taken the questioning out of the decision with only two choices: primary and neutral colors. Primary colors are typically appreciated by most children and the neutral colors fade into the background for kids helping them to focus more on their play.

Has the right amount of safety surfacing and border timbers

One of the hidden costs to people is the safety surfacing. When looking at safety surfacing it becomes clear fairly quickly that they don’t just need to tell the size of the perimeter of their play area, but also need to have the highest fall height of their equipment.

From there, it depends which type of surfacing they need. Even though there are calculators for engineered wood fiber and rubber mulch, it is easy to mess up the calculations. It often requires multiple back and forths with your playground salesperson to make sure you’re ordering the right amount. If you’re short even a bag or two, it can be very difficult and expensive to purchase more later.

The same goes for border timbers as they come in set sizes that are not consistent across the industry. It might be necessary to make your space larger to fit with the timber sizes available. This in turn changes the amount of safety surfacing necessary. With a bundle, we ensure that you are getting the right amount of surfacing when you order. No calculations needed.

Includes everything to be ADA compliant

ADA rules are important to a public space as they make sure everyone feels included no matter how they are abled. However, to those who are unfamiliar with the rules, making sure your playground matches with those rules can be daunting. That’s why the structure, surfacing, and even the borders all match ADA compliance and the kit includes a ramp.

Makes installation easier

Whether you are taking the risk to install a playground on your own or if you’re just hiring a local installer, a bundle makes it easy. The entire kit includes everything that is needed and uses a rectangular or square border configuration to make it simple. Trust us, it will save you time and money with an installer if everything that needs to be installed is right to begin with.

Reduces the amount of time spent during the purchasing process

A playground project can take anywhere from days to weeks to get to the purchasing stage. This is oftentimes due to the sheer number of decisions that have to be made. Playground Outfitters carries well over a thousand different pieces of equipment and that can be a lot to go through. After the equipment is decided upon, then safety surfacing has to be picked, measured, and calculated. All of this back and forth can be tiring.

We have cut out all of the back and forth with our playground kits. Just pick out the color you like and pick the surfacing. Simple and efficient.

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