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Seedling without Roof Playground Bundle


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Quick Specs:

  • Age Group: 6 – 23 months
  • Capacity: 1 – 12
  • Footprint
    The dimensions of the structure itself
    : 13′ 10″ L x 13′ 8″ W x 1′ 10″ H
  • Use Zone
    Includes the free space required around the structure for it to be used safely. This area must have safety surfacing.
    : 16′ x 16′
  • Fall Height
    The height from the highest playable surface to the safety surfacing.
    : 1′ 10″
  • Comes in primary or neutral with a wood or rubber mulch

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Add a playground to your outdoor space quickly and easily with the Seedling without Roof Playground Bundle. The Seedling play structure is sure to occupy children for hours. As they approach the structure, they’ll come to the 1-2-3 Steps. This is where they can choose to continue on their journey, or take a slight detour to the Bongo Drums. Once they head inside, they have the Clock Panel to take up their time. The hands move easily around the face as children experiment with the numbers. On the opposite side, the Shapes & Objects Panel is just the place to play with a friend. They can turn to different pictures on the cylinders creating a fun game with a friend. Both the Clock Panel and the Shapes & Objects Panels are playable from inside and outside of the structure. If they go higher into the structure, they will come to a Window Panel to see below and a Gear Panel to clink and clank a bit. When they are ready, they can take the straight slide to the bottom again. As they head around the side, they’ll come to the Rain Wheel that makes soothing noises.

The bundle includes everything that is needed to complete a safe commercial playground. When you get your kit it will include the right amount of rubber mulch or wood mulch depending on which one you chose. To go with those, you’ll have the appropriately sized borders and stakes to hold the loose fill in place. Finally, you will have your structure in your choice of a primary or neutral color palette.

Purchasing in a bundle, you will have everything to put a basic playground together. One of the greatest advantages is time. The set includes everything you need in the right quantities for a successful playground build. Secondly, it will save you money. If you are new to playgrounds and want to put in a commercial one in your community on a budget, these are a great option. Oftentimes, people that are new to playground will pick out pieces that don’t fit their space or they get everything and don’t install it correctly. While we recommend using an installer, it is possible to install these sets correctly if you have people with construction experience. We also provide you with a basic layout. Everything has been designed to fit in a rectangular or square shape to make getting the structure in the right place easy. Finally, all of the equipment is meets ASTM and ADA standards and is IPEMA certified. That means you’re getting safe equipment that matches the current guidelines for a safe playground.

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