Outdoor vs Indoor Safety Surfacing

When considering indoor vs outdoor safety surfacing for a playground or other commercial structure, different options make sense for each individual application. Outdoor installation is more common, but weather can create many more complications than may be presented in an indoor application. That is to say, pretty much anything that would work in an outdoor setting would also work indoors. However, that also means that there are certain opportunities to save money when it comes to indoor safety surfacing.


Surfacing Binding Agents

One item often overlooked when considering an indoor vs an outdoor application is the type of binder that is used when doing a pour in place application. The binder is what adheres the various rubber nuggets in a pour in place surfacing job. An aliphatic binder should be used when performing an outdoor pour in place, as it has a specific composition that helps it to resist UV ray degradation. This makes it a bit more expensive than an aromatic binder, which isn’t resistant to UV degradation. Therefore, an aromatic binder is a more affordable and logical choice for indoor applications.

Installation Considerations

Installation may differ by application as well. If you are considering an outdoor application, you’ll need to factor in drainage to avoid flooding damage and handle precipitation. For a concrete subfloor, for example, you’ll need to make sure that the concrete had a slope to it that would feed into a retention pond or city sewer system. For mulch applications, you’d likely need a perimeter drain with a corrugated drain pipe that could drain into those same options stated earlier.

If you’re planning for an indoor application, we recommend poured in place surfacing or rubber tiles. These surfaces are easy to clean an do not require maintenance like loose-fill surfaces. Poured in place surfacing can also be customized with any design – the sky’s the limit!

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