Author: Jay-Paul Thibault

Woman Sitting on a Spring Rider Smiling on a Playground

Planning for your playground is an exciting adventure. There are plenty of cool play systems on the market with imaginative themes. But one thing remains the same; safety. Before getting too set on anything for your new or existing playground, make sure you ask these 15 playground safety questions: Do you have enough space on… Read more »

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You got your playground. Check. Kids love it. Check. But is it still safe? We’re going to go through some playground maintenance basics that need to be done on your playground. Here are some of the most common maintenance tasks that you’ll need to do: Check your surfacing Keep up with your swing hardware Look… Read more »

Managing a playground budget doesn't have to be difficult.

In last week’s post, Commercial Playground Planning, we discussed the basics of commercial playground planning. This week we’re focusing on the less fun part: money. Budgeting for a playground might seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of research, it can be a fairly painless process. When budgeting for a playground, consider the… Read more »

  Planning for a commercial playground begins by understanding what it has to have to be open to the public. To have successful commercial playground planning, it’s important to think about the: Age Groups Playground Capacity Space Available ADA Compliance Safety Age Groups Children grow and develop making their needs on the playground very different.… Read more »

Swing sets are a quintessential playground fixture. Children love swinging back and forth while pumping their legs. The smaller ones throw themselves over a belt seat with their feet barely touching the ground, squealing in delight. It’s a scene that communities everywhere would like to have on their next playground. Purchasing the right swing set… Read more »

Playground Shade Sails

Picture this.  It’s a beautiful and HOT 87 degree summer day with your children (or neighbors, friends, cousins, etc.) and you’ve just hit the local park to play.  The kids are swinging, running, burning off all of that stored up winter energy when suddenly 20 minutes into playing, they’re ready to leave saying things like,… Read more »

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Playground Without Roof Under a Playground Shade Structure with Blue Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing

Playground Shade Measurements Whether you have an existing playground or are looking at outfitting your new playground with a sunshade, we are here to help!  And with a myriad of solutions available, we will give you some guidance on how to measure for your new shade structure.    If you happen to be in the… Read more »

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4 parents watching their children play on a playground and talking

When shopping for playgrounds, you’ll often hear the term “use zones” tossed around. Use zones are an essential component to safe playground design. We’re going to tell you everything you wanted to know about playground use zones including: What are playground use zones? Why are they important? How to measure your area for your use… Read more »

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playground equipment

“Why is playground equipment so darn expensive?” If you’ve uttered this question recently – you’re not alone. It’s probably one of the most common questions heard here at Playground Outfitters. Rest assured – there’s a good answer. Not an answer just to pacify your feelings, mind you. That would be really annoying. Instead, you’ll get… Read more »

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If you’re interested in purchasing playground equipment, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is which manufacturer to choose. This is a really important decision because the right manufacturer will provide you with quality products that are both fun and safe, all while fitting into your budget. Today, you’ll learn about some of… Read more »

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UltraPlay Discovery Center Playground from a high angle perspective on synthetic lawn turf safety surfacing, surrounded by aluminum black fencing

Are you going to develop a new playground for your school, park, or town? Congratulations – this is going to be one fun, but giant, project! Uh oh. Did your excitement just falter? Don’t worry – this is not uncommon when taking on such a big task. But don’t let the overwhelming project get the… Read more »

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8 year old girl upside down on yellow slide with mouth open and blue eyes

What does it take to create the most awesome playground in town? It takes the best commercial playground equipment. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Actually, finding the right equipment for your fun-filled playground can seem pretty daunting. This is especially true if you’re unsure of which manufacturer to choose. The principle is simple: choose… Read more »

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  There are many factors that go into the decisions of building a playground. One of the first factors to be determined is the age-range of the children that will be playing on this playground. For instance, there are certain things that a playground for nursery-school children would have that a middle school playground would… Read more »

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