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Square Umbrella

From: $3,548.53 From: $3,174.00

From: $3,548.53 From: $3,174.00
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Quick Specs:

  • Entrance Heights
    The height from the safety surfacing to the lowest edge of the shade
    : 8′, 10′
  • Allows for airflow
  • Designed to handle daily weather
  • 98% UV resistant color stabilized fabric
  • Powder coat painted steel posts available in a variety of colors
  • Sturdy PTFE Fiber fabric in hues ranging from neutral to bright

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Give the immediate implication of relaxation with a Square Umbrella. No matter what type of outdoor space is being shaded, an umbrella conjures up the idea of comfort. The central post limits the number of footers that are required. This makes for a large amount of free space under the canopy.

Easy Removal Feature

The most notable part of this type of shade, is the Easy Removal feature. Often referred to as a “glide elbow,” Superior Shade’s system makes caring for a shade easy. Using a drill, the shade can be tightened or loosened in minutes. For those regions where there are drastic weather changes or multiple shades to care for, the Easy Removal feature is a must have. It takes a large amount of the hard labor out of removing shades.

Venues for This Shade

Unlike the more typical umbrella that is rather small, this commercial grade version is much larger making it work in a variety of venues. Table umbrellas that might be purchased for home use often cool just one table of average size. Coming in sizes up to 24 feet across, a cluster of tables or poolside furniture can fit beneath one shade. At the park, a single umbrella can provide shade for multiple benches for parents.

Cover a playground in a protective shadow with one. Create a mystical play space by grouping a variety of sizes, heights, and colors over a play area. While playgrounds might have roofs, the actual protection provided by them is very limited. They are typically very small and placed too high to add any significant benefit. Children still spend the majority of their time on the play set in direct sunlight and the equipment is subjected to the unyielding rays of the sun. Solve both problems by adding a umbrellas to shade everything at once.

Benefits of Using a Shade

More than playgrounds last longer out of the sun. Art installations are much more likely to last with permanent shade. Picnic tables to fill an outdoor seating area at a college add up quickly in cost. Adding a year or two to their lifespans can potentially save thousands of dollars over time.

When picking a shade, it can be hard to know which shape is most appropriate for your specific space. The Square Umbrella provides an easy to measure space. Maps use square measurements as it is easy to place and determine distances. Adding umbrellas of this shape makes calculating how many and where to place them simple. Furthermore, there are fewer parts opposed to a Hexagon Umbrella. With only four arms, taking the fabric on and off each season becomes much faster, ensuring the likelihood of proper shade care.

Sealed Engineer Drawings

Some shades may require additional structural information, drawings and specs.  Playground Outfitters offers Sealed Engineer Drawings for an added cost from our manufacturer. Shades, as commercial structures, are held to building codes. This makes getting a permit to install one a necessity. For those shades going into areas that are prone to hurricane strength winds, stringent city codes, or heavy snow loads, it is recommended to apply for these Sealed Engineer Drawings for each shade to make permit processing much simpler.


Each umbrella is crafted from commercial grade materials. Designed to minimize water damage, the powder coat painted steel frame handles daily weather. The fabric is made from PTFE fibers. Similar to those found in non-stick cookware, the fabric is 98% UV resistant.


Both powder coat paint and shade fabric come in a large array of hues. Tones range from light to dark as well as neutral to bright. All colors boast a considerable opacity providing a strong color even in the palest of shades. Before placing an order, make sure to find the right combination to match your venue.

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For a different shape, check out the Hexagon Umbrella.


We’re so glad you asked! Superior Shade offers exceptional quality shade structures for nearly every outdoor application. Their extensive product line provides creative solutions and unique designs to help shield your guests from the sun, rain, and other elements. Check out a few key features and benefits:

Coastal Communities

Superior Shade’s framework is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 150 mph when the fabric is removed

Long-Lasting Fabric

UV stabilized fabric is raschel-knitted and resistant to shrinking, fading, rotting, fraying, abrading, and unraveling

Building Code

Safety first! Superior’s team of highly qualified engineers ensures every shade structure meets local building codes

Block UV Rays

Shade fabrics are able to block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, depending on your selected color

Stay Cool

Superior’s fabric shade solutions can reduce the temperature of your outdoor space by as much as 25-30 degrees


Superdurable powder coat finish is one of the best in the industry, paired with zinc-rich primer for extra strength

Need more reasons to choose Superior Shade? Take a closer look at these special design features:

All steel tubing and bolts meet or exceed ASTM standards

Framework resists winds up to 90 mph w/ fabric (150 mph without)

Glide Elbow allows for quick and easy release of the shade’s fabric

Structures are free of sharp corners and edges for added safety


  • Lifetime* Warranty on playground steel and recycled posts, all stainless steel hardware, c-line fittings, and aluminum post caps
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty on Steel Shade Structure
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on Shade Fabric
  • 5-Year limited Warranty on Site Amenities, cables, and nets
  • 1-Year Limited warranty on moving parts and materials not covered above

Entrance Height

8 feet, 10 feet

Mounting Option


Shade Size

10L x 10W, 12L x 12W, 14L x 14W, 16L x 16W, 18L x 18W, 20L x 20W, 22L x 22W, 24L x 24W


No Glide Elbow, With Glide Elbow

Column Color

Almond, Ash Gray, Beige, Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Burgundy, Butterscotch, Champagne, Dark Green, Fox Hollow Gray, Green, Harbor Blue, Light Green, Metallic, Mountain Spruce, Orange, Patrician Bronze, Periwinkle, Red, Royal Purple, Sky Blue, Spring Green, Starlight, Streak Blue, Tudor Brown, White, Yellow

Fabric Color

Beige, Brown, Brunswick Green, Cayenne, Cream, Forest Green, Latte, Lime, Midnight, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Pearl Onyx, Purple, Rivergum Green, Silver, Sky Blue, Steel Gray, True Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Sunblaze, Cedar

Spec sheets available in all sizes upon request.

Square Umbrella 8′ Height – 10L x 10W

Square Umbrella 8′ Height – 10L x 10W

Square Umbrella 8′ Height – 24L x 24W

Square Umbrella 10′ Height – 10L x 10W

Square Umbrella 10′ Height – 10L x 10W

Square Umbrella 10′ Height – 24L x 24W

Square Umbrella 10′ Height – 24L x 24W

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