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Quick Specs:

  • Age Group:  5 – 12 years
  • Capacity: 40-44
  • Footprint
    The dimensions of the structure itself
    : 34′ x 45′
  • Use Zone
    Includes the free space required around the structure for it to be used safely. This area must have safety surfacing.
    : 47′ x 57′
  • Max. Deck Height
    The distance from the tallest platform (deck) to the ground
    : 0″

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Spurning from the ideal that playgrounds should be focused on fitness, strength, coordination, and everything that makes a human body fit and functional, the NX-1403 is never-ending in its ability to challenge children to push themselves. Taking its cues from parkour and obstacle courses, it pushes the boundaries of a traditional playground and allows children to interact in a more abstract and fluid fashion.

Features unique to the NX-1403 include a spacious and challenging design that is sure to please many skill levels of children. For example, some features include a maze rung ladder, a ring overhead ladder, and individual crab pods. As well as, a net climber, an angle climber, and an angled overhead ladder. Additionally, it includes a floating tunnel tower and climber, a lily pad bridge, air spinner, and many more attractions. All of these features are presented in an open and unobstructed environment, allowing children to play, uninhibited. The NX-1403 allows an impressive 44 children to play at once and is recommended for ages 5-12.

Physical activity and development are vital for children to grow into healthy adults. Our Nexus series seamlessly blends outdoor play with physical development. Utilizing creative circuit play ideas, the 4.5” post set offers a variety of climbers, bridges, and steps designed to provide a perfect outlet for creative energy for many years to come.


Wheel Challenge Ladder
Arch Bridge
Maze Rung Ladder
Ring Overhead Ladder
Crab Pods
Net Climber
Angle Climber

Angle Overhead Ladder
Floating Tunnel Tower
Floating Tunnel Climber
Lily Pad Bridge
Single Sectional Slide
Air Spinner

Weight 2521 lbs
Age Group


Max Deck Height

Choose from a wide range of color options to make your play area as unique as the little ones who will be enjoying it.

Please note, pictures are for representation only. Color combinations may vary based on the set chosen. You will be able to confirm and finalize color combinations upon purchase.

on aluminum and steel upright posts against structural failure due to deterioration, corrosion, or workmanship
on hardware against structural failure due to deterioration, corrosion, or workmanship
on post caps and clamps against structural failure due to deterioration, corrosion ,or workmanship

on rails, rungs, rigid climbers, loops and decks against structural failure due to deterioration, corrosion, and workmanship
on all HDPE and molded plastic components against structural failure due to materials or workmanship.

on moving parts against structural failure due to materials or workmanship.

KidsTale warrants to its original customer for as long as the original customer owns the product and uses the product with normal use and installation in accordance with published specifications to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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