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Selecting the Right Commercial Playground for Your Space

Choosing the right play system is important since it will be the focal point of your play area. At Playground Outfitters, we know this can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve hand picked the best designs to streamline the process, while still offering a great selection. Here are a couple considerations to keep in mind as you begin selecting your play equipment:

What are the ages of the children who will be using the equipment?

Playground structures are typically designed for four primary age groups:

Playsets for the daycare and preschool age groups are generally slightly smaller and have lower deck heights. Sets designed for older children, ages 5-12, are larger with taller deck heights and introduce more complex play elements.  The 2-12 age group is usually used to cover the widest age group.  Appeasements are made so that the playground will cover such a wide range of children.

How many children will be using the equipment at any given time?

Each play structure has a child capacity, which is the maximum number of children that should be allowed to play on it at a time. Exceeding this number is not recommended.  Use this as a basis in your consideration.  Obviously, higher traffic areas necessitate a higher capacity playground.

What are your size restrictions/requirements?

Knowing where your playground equipment will go and the size limitations of the area will help with the selection process as well because each set has a designated use zone, which includes the dimensions of the set itself, plus additional space around it for safety.  If you already have a playground, you should be able to contact the manufacturer for this information, as it’s part of the original structure plans.

What is your budget?

This is often the biggest consideration for many of our customers. The good news is, a limited budget does not have to mean limited fun! Our play structures start out at just under $5K, and you can quickly create a budget-friendly customized play area with independent play structures like swings, climbers, and spring riders, along with outdoor park furniture such as benches and picnic tables.

High Quality Playsets for Every Facility

Regardless of which playset you choose for your school, daycare, church, or other facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of our equipment is IPEMA certified, meets or exceeds ASTM and CSPC safety standards. The quality and integrity of our products is extremely important because we know that your investment is in much more than just playground equipment – it’s in the happiness, growth, and development of the youngsters who will enjoy it for years to come. Contact us at (888) 342-8228 to get started today.

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