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North Star

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Quick Specs:

  • Age Group:  5 – 12 years
  • Capacity: 12-14
  • Footprint
    The dimensions of the structure itself
    : 15′ 2″ L x 14′ 3″ W x 8′ H
  • Use Zone
    Includes the free space required around the structure for it to be used safely. This area must have safety surfacing.
    : 27′ 2″ x 26′ 3″
  • Max. Deck Height
    The distance from the tallest platform (deck) to the ground
    : 0″
  • Comes in all color palettes with wood or recycled metal posts

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Fun is much closer than the second star on the North Star play system. The compact design makes it a wonderful addition to an existing playground or one that needs to challenge a variety of age groups. Older children especially will enjoy the freedom that the North Star encourages. The NaviClimb guides kids to the top in a curved fashion with jagged shapes full of fingerholds. In the center, a Single PlayShell is ready for a child to relax and read a good book or find a different way up the structure. The multiple triangular rope ladders are just the beginning of the climbing fun with the Twisted Trident presenting an unusual challenge. Finally, kids will be more than delighted to rocket up the Inclined Wall with its HDPE surface and easy to grip hand holds.

The benefits to challenge style courses are innumerable. Oftentimes, older children do not feel challenged on the more traditional style structures. With the multiple free-form shapes and unusual climbers, children have to find a way to play. This encourages imaginative play the narrative is no longer forced by themed pieces. Children have to become their own authors of the story. Finally, while obstacle structure typically don’t have decks, they encourage more full body weight work. When there is a surface under their feet on classic structures, they don’t have to balance and support themselves. Moving up a ladder, or climbing up suspended components requires more strength and constant balance.

For a similarly sized play system, check out the Nina, Magellan, Global, and Columbus. If you are more interested in something a little bit larger, the Seeker, the Pinta, the Voyage, the Santa Maria, and the Expedition. For an even larger system, check out the Trek and the Peak Adventure.

Age Group


Post Material

Recycled Metal

Color Palette

Baja, Coastal, Meadow, Natural, Playful, Woodland

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