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Endurance Course

Quick Specs:

  • Age Group: 13+ (Adult)
  • Use Zone
    Includes the free space required around the structure for it to be used safely. This area must have safety surfacing.
    : Many configurations available, minimum of 900 square feet required
  • Metallic or Black color options
  • Marine grade HDPE which increases the Static Coefficient of Friction, reducing the risk of slips and falls
  • Includes signage for all products
  • Designate your space as a NDS (National Demonstration Site)
  •  Includes
    • Cardio Walker
    • Plyometric Box (6”)
    • Plyometric Box (12”)
    • Plyometric Box (18”)
    • Push-Up Station
    • Horizontal Chin-Up
    • Leg Press
    • Balance Board
    • Captain’s Chair
    • Sit-Up / Back Extension

Availability: 3-4 weeks, ships freight

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The Endurance Course Offering includes everything from a Cardio Walker to a series of Plyometric Boxes, this package addresses all four elements of fitness: aerobic, muscle fitness, balance/flexibility and core. This 10 piece pre-configured outdoor fitness package is the perfect fitness solution for apartment complexes, universities, hotels, senior centers, and parks. Designed for ages 13 and up. By including the four elements of fitness, your park has the option to become a National Demonstration Site (NDS).

This course is offered with three different types of installation options. Choose from a footer, in-ground or surface mount.  Additionally, choose from a Metallic or Black color option.

All ActionFit products include instructional signage which includes step by step instructions, a muscle diagram indicating the muscles that are being worked, QR codes to access video tutorials, and user safety information (ASTM F1749).

*Plyometric Box, Horizontal Chin-Up and Push-Up Stations (in-Ground Mount only) Balance Board (J-Bolt Footing only)

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